iDGate Products



Cost-effective and scalable cloud-based identity authentication product, provided as a service over the internet.


  • Identity as a Service (IDaaS) over the internet
  • Bank-level security, hardware satisfying FIPS140-3
  • 24/7 protection, anytime, anywhere
  • Fits enterprises of any size, any industry
  • Perfect for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and SaaS strategy
  • Cost-effective, subscription models without capital investments
  • Flexible and scalable following business growth
  • Avoid potential hacking and malware attack
  • Push Notification and Authentication
  • AES 256-bit encryption, asymmetric cryptography, end-to-end encryption
  • Patented algorithm with Gold, Silver, Bronze elements
  • Anti-Hacking Mechanism against stolen or tampered device
  • Biometric devices: TouchID, FaceID, Pattern Lock, Token PIN, NFC
  • Server-client device binding
  • Support Android and iOS
  • Standalone Application or SDK