iDGate Solutions – Banking

As smartphones become more affordable, people have been adopting new digital lifestyle in which everything is just one touch away. From the moment of opening eyes, switching off alarm clock, checking weather of the day, reading latest news, looking at calendar and to-do list, messaging friends and family, listening to favorite music, reviewing the traffic situations before heading out, and a long list of things we can do all made possible with the technology development. Heavy reliance on the mobile phone means users are expecting more out of the everyday device with all the conveniences and experiences we enjoy.

All industries including banking industry have been affected and the significant growth of mobile banking users over past years has been evident that optimizing user experience and security would be the key towards attracting new customers while retaining the valuable one. iDGate has been continuously innovating products, upgrading user experiences to the next level along with the extreme protection satisfying banking standard throughout the customer journey with the bank. Backed by our patented authentication methodology, users are protected throughout the process as fundamental while enjoy the delightful experiences.

Customer Onboarding

Open account remotely with eKYC validation without physical presence. AI-Based face recognition engine, iDenRemote welcomes customers digitally. Perfect for virtual branch and banks.

Customer Engagement

iDenShield protects online transactions from identify theft and hacking.
iDenLogin enables logon with QR code or Push Authentication. No username or password required, frictionless user experience. Sign documents digitally with iDenSign. Use iDenTransfer to send money to friends and family, pay bills.

Customer Retention

iDenVIP alerts upon VIP arrival at the branch for service customizations, a non-comparable experience.
iDenBox with customizable modules provides interactive 24/7 customer- or bank-driven actions such as transaction records, activity logs, news and promotion update, as well as exceptions handling.