Why iDGate?

Our identity verification solutions put your customers’ convenience first.

We recognize that better protection doesn’t necessarily mean slapping on more frustrating password locks and extreme security measures. In fact, stronger identity verification should not have to result in an increasingly hair-pulling user experience.

That is why we design our solutions with an emphasis on making the user experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. By leveraging both common and advanced technologies such as smartphone selfie cams and AI-powered face recognition, we identify and improve areas of your service where tedious identify verification methods cause your customers the most grief.

Our clients choose us not only for our commitment to bank-grade compliance standards, but also because we simply help them do better business - whether it’s enabling them to run secure and convenient virtual services, or creating a seamless user experience that customers simply can’t get anywhere else. This means more customer onboarding and decreased abandonment, all the while keeping the dangers of identity theft and fraud at bay. iDGate was co-founded by a group of tech entrepreneurs with a vision for improving what they saw as a sore spot in the market for identity verification solutions. With our combined years of experience developing data security for the finance industry and proven track-record raising successful businesses, we understand the fine balance between what banks need and what their customers want.

Because in the end, while everyone in the industry can agree that security is non-negotiable, it is the user experience that turns people of all parts of the customer journey into loyal patrons.