Secured Life without Passwords

Enhancing user experience in the digital age with ultimate solutions against hacking and identify theft. Leave username, password behind yet enjoy the convenience of technology with the bank-level security by simply integrating Multi-Factor Authentication solution from iDGate as a standalone mobile application or via SDK deployment.

Push Notification Authentication technology

iDGate is a leading innovator that first developed and patented Push Notification Authentication technology. Specifically built for the cloud, the technology works flawlessly across platforms and supports widely used mobile OSs today. Users no longer need to memorize, manage or type in complex passwords. Without fumbling in the phone for an authenticator App, iDGate authenticator automatically activates approval request for validation, delighting users with seamless and user-friendly experience at lighting speed.

Soft Token - Multi-Factor Authenticator

iDGate’s iDenShield is the perfect solution optimizing user experience and security integrated into the everyday device. A Multi-Factor Authentication product with advanced encryption and asymmetric cryptography technology designed to protect users whenever and wherever they are against identity theft and hacking.

AI-based Face Recognition

Technology has been evolving rapidly day-by-day, enriching our lives with all kinds of conveniences. Users are expecting more over time with delightful experiences and AI with deep learning capabilities helps us achieve that.

Onboarding process can now be as simple, fast, and secure made possible with AI-based face recognition technology adapting to the fast-pace of the modern life. Best suited for the upcoming trend of industry-wide change marching towards virtual bank and branch.

iDKey – The Key to Mobile Security Threats

Defending against mobile security threats including malicious apps, banking malware, untrustworthy device, and ransomware have been challenging these days.

Protect it with the most trusted iDKey, unique configurations of Gold, Silver, and Bronze elements, essential components in assembling the only key to unlock the gate, generated just in time for every access. Secured with AES 256-bit encryption along with anti-hacking mechanism in place for extreme security measures safeguarding online transactions.

Risk-Based Protection – Shielding Layer

Accessing bank accounts, sending money, trading stocks online 24/7 via Web or APP has been a great evolution of digital world and the growth of mobile banking users have been tremendous in recent years. It as well poses potential risks to hacking activities.

Adding the shielding layer, Risk-Based Protection safeguarding banking users is vital. Exclusively designed for the banking industry, it evaluates access requests by transactions with pre-defined risk levels and require user to validate using various combinations of biometric and hardware authentications, intelligent protection against complex threats while optimizing user experience and security.