Every organization presents their unique challenges – that is why we help our clients design one-stop custom solutions for their identity verification needs.

Complete Soft-token Solutions

As the first to patent and provide push-notification technology to our clients, we understand how to create soft-token solutions that put the customer first. Keep soft token data secure on bound mobile devices while maintaining convenient access to services from the palm of your customer’s hands.

Quick and Accurate
AI-Powered Face Recognition

Bring in-person transactions aboard your online platforms by using smartphones to verify customers’ real-world identities. Through dedicated investment and expertise into AI development, our face recognition technology is highly specialized for capturing facial metrics and liveness detection using a smartphone’s front-facing camera. With this, you can give customers the convenience and peace of mind to use your services anytime, anywhere.

iDenPass – Cloud Authentication

Open the possibilities for online services with our cloud-based identity verification solution. On top of providing a seamless and secure customer experience from anywhere in the world, our scalable subscription service lets you pay for as much as you need without large capital investment. You can also say goodbye to the need for local servers and tedious maintenance costs – we will take care of that for you.