With both soft-token security and AI-powered face recognition technologies at your disposal, give your customers comprehensive identity protection while optimizing for seamless convenience at every corner.

Device Binding with IDKey

IDKey turns mobile devices into secure keys that make transactions more seamless and secure. We use advanced encryption and asymmetric cryptography within multiple dynamic authentication layers to further bolster soft token protection, safeguarding access credentials such as FIDO keys and Blockchain Wallet Master keys from being compromised.

AI-Powered Face Recognition

our AI-powered face recognition technology uses liveness detection to differentiate between authentic and fraudulent facial biometrics, such as video recordings, still photographs, and realistic silicone masks. Optimization for smartphone front-end cameras also makes this technology suitable for on-the-go services that customers can securely access at their own convenience.


Our identity verification solutions are certified to meet the internationally recognized security specifications of FIDO. In addition, we also further strengthen soft token protection using advanced encryption and asymmetric cryptography within multiple dynamic layers of authentication.

Risk-Based Authentication

Optimize authentication for each of your services according to risk as you see fit. From face recognition and PIN for high-risk transactions to more convenient touch ID and pattern lock for low-risk transactions, you get more flexibility to customize and control the user experience.